- to save our endangered pollinators through  education and action.

 Protect Our Pollinators is a proud Partner of the Pollinator Pathway Northeast   and Hudson to Housatonic Regional Conservation Partnership.

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Our Mission

​ Pollinator Pathways 

- Continuous corridors of public and private lands

that provide healthy habitat for bees, butterflies, and

 other beneficial insects that pollinate and/or control pests. 

​These habitat corridors also support birds and other wildlife species.

Recent study shows additives in Roundup are toxic to bumblebees

Toxicity is attributed to unspecified additives in the formulation meant to enhance the effectiveness of the herbicide.

Government regulations to not require additives to be listed on product labels or the risks posed by using this product.

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​Monarch butterfly populations are plummeting. ​The most commonly used herbicide,Roundup is wiping out milkweed and other wildflowers essential for pollinators. Systemic pesticides called Neionicontinoids (Neo-nics) are lethal to bees and other pollinators.

Protect Our Pollinators is a nonprofit organization devoted to public education

                  and to the conservation of pollinators and their habitats.