Protect Our Pollinators is a nonprofit organization devoted to public education

                  and to the conservation of pollinators and their habitats.

Our Mission

Systemic pesticides called Neonicotinoids (Neo-nics) 

are lethal to bees and other pollinators. 

Neonicotinoids (Neo-nics)

These systemic Insecticides are lethal to bees and other pollinators.


Pollinator Pathways

Continuous corridors of public and private lands

Healthy habitat for bees, butterflies,

and other important pollinators

 Protect Our Pollinators is a proud Partner of Hudson to Housatonic Regional Conservation Partnership


Important Pollinators:

Native Bees, European honeybees, butterflies, insects, birds, and bats.

The most commonly      used herbicide, Glyphosate (Roundup)

is wiping out the Monarch butterfly.

- to save our endangered pollinators through  education and action.



Bee Pals


June 17 thru 23  is National Pollinator Week

Pollinator Poster Challenge - Children's artworks are on display at the Booth Library, Newtown for the Month of June.

Saturday, June 22

Bent of the River Audubon, Southbury

Pollinator Talk & Meadow Walk - 1:00PM

Friday, July 12

Southbury Garden Club, Southbury Public Library

We Need Our Pollinators program - 1:00PM

Concert for Pollinators held last May

Rusty-Patch Bumble Bee and other native bees are in decline primarily due to lack of floral resources and pesticide use.